Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Creative Process

Thoughts and articles here on what good photography is and how to make it.

I've had enough of talking about gear.... and making vacuous eye candy...

I think the beginnings of good photography arise when one stops trying to show off what the camera and software are capable of and starts working on a process that focuses on a passion for a subject and the and intent of communicating an idea or feeling to the viewer in a aesthetically pleasing way.

I've created this archive as a place to expand my thoughts on this subject. More posts and links below...

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Approach... excerpts from Magnum stories

Wear Good Shoes

addit: march 2009.
Have been looking over my photos over the past 6-10 years. Quite an interesting process to see the change in emphasis and direction. Slowly seeing a certain style developing but still experimenting too much with different gear and techniques for this to really consolidate.

HAve been through many phases, experimenting with all sorts of techniques gear and post processing.

Now trying to be a bit more restrained and subtle in my presentation of subject matter. Looking to create photos which communicate and conjure feeling, which bring attention to the profound, quirky, awkward and clever. Steering away from in-your-face, commercial type photography, extremes of focal length, over use of DOF, overly vibrant colours, over processing. Not doing much pre-meditated shoots, but rather looking to capture serendipitous moments and quiet magical scenes.