Monday, September 26, 2005

Away, away, away

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Got my camera out today after not touching it for weeks. This is the first thing I shot today. I tried to create an effect where the perspective reflected the words in the subject... I'm quite pleased with the result.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pre Digital Journeys

Well, I think it's about time I posted some photos. I thought I'd start with my Pre Digital Journeys Gallery which has photos from my early days in photography. I bought my first SLR in 1998 for a trip around the world, so most of these are travel shots. The camera used was an EOS 50 with 28-105, 75-300 lenses and a variety of colour negative slide and B&W film.

The photos in the gallery are just tiny sample of hundreds of shots. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to scan all the images - a very time consuming task. As they are mainly for web display, I might just try scanning prints which is much less fiddly.

A year travelling around the world taking photos... now that was awesome. Such a great way to learn the basics, but I really wish I had the chance to do it all again with my current knowledge and gear. I just didn't realise how lucky I was at the time.

The waterfall photo here is from Plitvisc National Park in Croatia. There are about 20 separate pools of crystal clear water, linked by waterfalls with several kilometers of walkway taking you though the park. This is a really unique part of the world - I could spend months and months shooting there.

Digital Artifacts – The Colour Gremlins - Photoshop tip from LL

Digital Artifacts – The Colour Gremlins

Looks very useful... will have to try this out

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Canvas mounting tips - Scott Peck.

Inkjet News and Tips 19 August 04 - huge resource on pro inkjet printing. They have good information on canvas printing with a variety of papers and profiles. It seems that drymounting is a better way then stretching the canvas. This is all new to me and quite technical, but I'm trying to learn as the process is very appealing to me. Another article here on the same process.

The epson stylus pro 4800 is looking like the best option at the moment. 17" prints still seem a little small... the R2400(A3) is definitely too small and doesn't handle canvas very well.

Here is the page with the list of canvases. I like the look of the Epson Premierart Water Resistant Canvas (roll) and the inkjetart Fast-Dry sheets. I'll need to locate some Aussie distributors and get some costings. It's all pretty expensive, so I going to have to look into selling some prints if I'm going to be able to afford to play with this sort of gear.

Artcare make the mounting products discussed in the Scott Peck article.

Must say, this is looking like a pretty boring blog so far - not a single picture yet. My current focus is on learning about printing techniques. There is just so much with all the papers and inks and profiles around.

Will get some pictures up soon.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Greg Gorman interview about K3 inks

Interview with Greg Gorman about the New Epson Printers

Greg Gorman is another of my favourite photogs. He is a pro in the states who does portraits for the stars. Mainly artistic black and white stuff. This is a link to an interview he did about the new epson K3 inks.

I've been looking into getting a new printer lately. My 830U does superb colour prints on A4 but I am now looking toward a printer with larger output and improved black and white prints. The R2400 (A3+) and Stylus pro (17") have awesome reviews. I still need to find out how they do with canvas prints - if they do a good job, I'm down.

Only problem is that they are fairly pricey - $1500 for the 2400 and about $3000 for the 4800. All this when I am also lusting after a new computer with WACOM 6x8 Intuos tablet, the new Canon EOS 5D and a few sweet lenses (24-105L, 35L).

Here is a link to some info on printing canvas with inkjets. The canvas there seems to be sold with profiles for the R2400/4800 printers... looks promising. I wonder how they compare with the prints done at Plaza Camera (Hogarth and Gainsborough canvas).

Monday, September 19, 2005

Favorite Photographer?

Favorite Photographer? - FM Forums

This is a very cool thread at FM. A list of famous photogs with links to their work. More links are added later for photographers that the OP left out. A good page to browse if you are in need for some inspiration or just like checking out very cool photos.

Out of that list, my vote was for Elliot Erwitt. My wife found a book of his street photography at Elizabeth's in Freo just a few months ago - I'd never heard of him but had to buy to book after flicking through it. Amazing stuff!

I'll have to get together a list of my faves sometime...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Monitor Calibration

To configure your monitor for optimal viewing:
1. Adjust your monitor contrast to 100%
2. Then adjust the brightness so you can distinguish the different boxes
(X,Y,Z are more important that A,B,C) <

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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