Monday, October 22, 2007

Nice read - article about a Jay Maisel presentation.

Came across this great article. Thanks Adam from the PIP flickr forum for bringing it to my attention. It is an article describing a seminar that Jay Maisel presented at a recent photgraphy conference. This photographers' approach to photography and his pictures themselves are inspirational.

Heres the link.

Here are some tips from Jay Maisel that I liked from the article. I thought I'd summarise for my own benefit in case the web page gets taken down later...

Be filled with the subject and have fun with it.
Carry a camera always.
Computers are time suckers. He tries to capture what he saw. Not create a surreal piece of art with photoshop or show how clever he is.
He is stimulated by light, colour and gesture.
All things can have a gesture.
Be aware of every mm of the frame.
Be aware of the difference between what you think you see and what you actually see.
Shape is the enemy of colour.
Perseverence triumphs talent.

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