Tuesday, March 14, 2006

End of a photographic lull...?

Besides a great trip to Tassie in January, I've barely had a chance to take photos in the past 3 months. My first real lull since getting my 10D back on 2003.

Here's a shot from the Tassie trip. It's not linked my pbase yet... I just haven't had the time.

After giving away my computer along with losing broadband, I have been in a sort of techno limbo...waiting to move house before buying a new machine, and trying to process images on my dodgy laptop monitor. This hasn't been so painful since getting my Gretag McBeth Eye One Display monitor calibration device. It really makes a difference to colour management - absolutely essential - should have bought one years ago.

My next computer will be custom built with plenty of grunt and a huge 24" wide LCD from Dell. Really can't wait to get it up and running.

More news:
Got a 5D. Awesome camera! Will post some pics soon. Inspired to get out shooting again! - also got matching RRS Lplate and lens plate for the Sigma Macro.

Ordered in some Stirlingtek batteries. Apparently they are better than the canon ones for a quarter the price - will wait and find out.

Discovered the benefits of converting to sRGB vs Adobe RGB for web posting. Might need to go back and process some of my images again for pbase.

That's it for now. Will hopefully post more regularly and have a few projects and more galleries up and running soon.