Friday, January 14, 2011

Another update

Still short on time. Have been slowly doing more 'home visit' portraits...

Also have shot a series of discarded TVs for a project titled 'not digital ready'. I have about 150 photos of different verges shot on my way to and from work over a couple of weeks.

A quick selection here. I still have to edit the set into something presentable.
Here are a few...

single -1

single -2

single -4

single -3

square-3 square-6

square-5 square-4

square-2 square-1

multi-4 multi-3
multi-2 multi-1

couch-2 couch-1
couch-4 couch-3

In other news...

I was a semifinalist in the IRIS awards and also the lucrative MORAN photographic prize for 2010.

I now have a Leica M2.

Next baby is iminent. Going underground again...