Friday, September 23, 2005

Greg Gorman interview about K3 inks

Interview with Greg Gorman about the New Epson Printers

Greg Gorman is another of my favourite photogs. He is a pro in the states who does portraits for the stars. Mainly artistic black and white stuff. This is a link to an interview he did about the new epson K3 inks.

I've been looking into getting a new printer lately. My 830U does superb colour prints on A4 but I am now looking toward a printer with larger output and improved black and white prints. The R2400 (A3+) and Stylus pro (17") have awesome reviews. I still need to find out how they do with canvas prints - if they do a good job, I'm down.

Only problem is that they are fairly pricey - $1500 for the 2400 and about $3000 for the 4800. All this when I am also lusting after a new computer with WACOM 6x8 Intuos tablet, the new Canon EOS 5D and a few sweet lenses (24-105L, 35L).

Here is a link to some info on printing canvas with inkjets. The canvas there seems to be sold with profiles for the R2400/4800 printers... looks promising. I wonder how they compare with the prints done at Plaza Camera (Hogarth and Gainsborough canvas).