Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Web Site - Hinius

New Web Site, originally uploaded by hinius.

I first came across Hin Chua's photography about 3 or 4 years ago, when he was based in Perth. He was doing some amazing stuff back then and has since developed a unique style to his street photography. These are really great street images.

Street is my favourite form of photography but has been the area where I have found least success in producing images I am proud of. It is a genre where subject is everything and this appeals to me. I'd love to hit the pavement more often. Doesn't help that I live and work in the burbs but that is no excuse.

Hin's passion for his photography is inspiring and his collection of images is a fantastic achievement. He presents his work in this little website.

I am inspired to stop dabbling in different photo techniques and focus my energy on creating my own body of work to create something of substance.

More of his work is can be found on Flickr where he admins the Hardcore Street Photography group.