Monday, May 21, 2007


Light resources and links will be posted here.

- First stop for learning how to light.
- specialising in affordable effective lighting.
- minimalist and DIY gear.
- great blog and associated flickr group.
- My photos featured on the blog back in November - Here.

Sitzbono - photojournalist with a great soundslides presentation of various setups.

Planet Neil - good tutorials here on balancing on camera flash and ambient.
- good for wedding photography and other dynamic situations. - definitive guide to how Canon flashes work. - More PJ style location lighting. Heaps of good set information.

Dave Black Photography - Legend sports shooter. Does awesome location stuff with his lights.
- check out the Workshop at the Ranch link for monthly tutes.

Books and other resources:
Light Science and Magic
- really good book covering the principles of light.
- especially good chapters on dealing with reflections on glass and metal.

Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait
- Michael Grecco.
- amazing celeb portraits.

My book wish list.

Studio stuff:
I'm tempted to get into some studio stuff because I love the idea of the gear and creativity you can have with light. However, being stuck in the studio is getting away from the type of photography I want to be doing which is getting out in nature and amongst people and real life. I think I'll be hanging back on this genre but using some of the lighting principals in my location shooting. - good tutes that make you want to buy their gear.