Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Haven't had a chance to work on the blog lately. A few other projects on the go which will be revealed in good time...

Anyway, I have been spending a bit of time at which is an educational blog about using small speedlight flashes off the camera to increase your photographic creativity and flexibility. A truly fantastic site.

I have since upgraded my 420EX to a 430EX and added an ST-E2 wireless transmitter which can trigger the 430EX. I also bought a Nikon SB-26 from ebay, which has an optical trigger, to use as a cheap second light. The nice surprise is that the SB-26 can also be triggered by the ST-E2. It has a very similar power output to the 430EX so combining them is quite simple.

I've set up a mini studio in the garage. I'll post some shots soon.