Thursday, August 03, 2006

How to Clean your DSLR sensor

Another great article by Petteri Sulonen on How to Brush Your Sensor .

Also within the article is a link to the Copper Hill wet cleaning method

I haven't cleaned my sensor myself before. Dust is becoming a real problem on my FF sensor so will bite the bullet next week...

Update: Oct 22 2007.
The brush method works well. I had heaps of dust on my sensor for an entire 3 month trip through Europe. Didn't bring any cleaning gear, so plenty of spotting work to do in post production now...

A summary of the brush method in case Petteri's site goes down.
1. Get a soft flat non sized nylon brush and clean with detergent.
2. Test on a filter for residue.
3. Take test shots with camera.
4. Try blower first. if clean then stop.
5. Strike brush on back of knife to clear dust from the bristles.
6. clean focus screen and check for dust through the viewfinder.
7. clean brush on knife after each swipe.
8. brush sensor in one direction, clean brush, then repeat.