Monday, May 01, 2006

New Beginnings - 5D plus more

Well it's good to be back online. The photo in this post is from the Swan River bank in Manning, just near my house. My first landscape with the 5D.

My new 5D is fantastic. The improved speed and large screen make it a pleasure to use. And the image quality leaves nothing to be desires. So good, even at high ISOs. I'm actually very pleasantly surprised as the camera is much better than I anticipated.

Back in Perth now. Have almost finished settling in so will have more time to shoot... hopefully. It's taken a while to set up the house as well as the new computer.

The New computer is a deluxe photo processing machine. Large 24" Dell monitor - just a pleasure to view my 5D images on this screen. Dual AMD64 processor, 2GB RAM, 6600GT graphics cards, quiet Antec case. Was an epic to get all setup but is now running very smoothly (and quickly) especially now it's linked up to high speed broadband.

Another new purchase.... my Hartblei 45mm Super Rotator lens. A handmade Ukranian medium format lens with a third party Zork adapter for mounting on EOS mount. More on this in another post.

Well, I have no excuses now. Time to get out and take more photos. I have a few cool projects in mind. Stay tuned for a couple of new image series.