Thursday, May 25, 2006

Minature Town - Gero

More images from the shoot here..

This is a shot taken from a helicopter over Point Moore in Geraldton. Just for fun I've reworked the image to appear like a model town. In the days of film this effect was only achievable by lenses which could tilt their axis of focus. By narrowing the depth of field, an optical illusion is created, causing the scene to appear minaturised to the viewer.

This image was manipulated in Photoshop using a reflected gradient mask and lens blur tool to recreate the effect. I think it is much easier to use a normal lens for this sort of shot and then apply the effect later than use a tilt lens. I have produced similar shots with my Hartblei Super Rotator but it is a bit trickier to set the focal plane precisely. Here is a web tutorial on how to do this with photoshop.

One of my projects for this year is to create a gallery of city minatures around Perth. A few starters...