Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tiny Hopper

I've always loved bugs. Call me creepy but I have been chasing them since I was a kid. Now I catch them with my camera, rather than a jar - much more humane I reckon.

This was taken with my dad's old pentax 50mm reversed on my 85/1.8. First time I've used this combo. It allowed very close focusing. The rig was tripod mounted and a flash handheld with an off camera cord and reflected off some scrap paper.

The hopper was tiny! You can tell by the lines on the page which are about 7mm apart. I thought it was cool how his body is almost transluscent.

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Blogger Hiding Pup said...

Fantastic hopper! and a wonderful technique that I've just got to try. Tony over at has asked for a full-length article on the lithograph technique (which is evolving by the day). I'll be sure to post about it once the article gets written and goes on-line. By the way - seeing that your a lens reversal specialist - any idea how Nick Brandt achieves his images? I've a link to his site under my giraffe...

7:44 am, October 02, 2005  

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