Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gear Notes

Yes, I'm a photogeek and a gear head. Trying hard not to be...
I love using quality gear. Could probably get by with much less...

Anyway, here is my embarassingly large gear list.

Canon EOS 5D - with 35L, 24-105L. Olympus lenses are used on the 5D too with an adapter

Rolleiflex 2.8D - with Rolleinar 1 (closeup lens). Xenotar 80/2.8 fixed lens. LOVE using this camera. Fully manual, no batteries, no meter. Medium format 6x6 frame.

Mamiya 6
- Medium Format 6x6 Film Rangefinder. with 50/4 and 75/3.5 lenses. Nice and compact. Quiet.

Olympus OM2n
- 35mm film SLR - 21/2.5, 28/2, 85/2

Konica Hexar AF - silent rangefinder with a super fixed 35/2 lens.

Olympus XA-2
- my new point and shoot. Had to do some DIY repairs to get this going.

Canon AE1-Prog - inherited from my dad. Have taken some of my favourite photos with this camera. Lenses vivitar 28/2.8 and FD 50/1.4, FD 70-200/4

Kodak Folding Brownie - belonged to my wifes grandfather. Shoots 620 medium format film. I found some old spools on ebay and have been able to respool 120 film onto them for use with this camera. Much easier and cheaper to find 120 fim. Fun to use but has a fixed shutter and aperture. About f/11 1/30s I think.

CF cards
Gretag Macbeth eye one display calibrator.
Whibal Grey Card
Canon 500D closeup diopter.
Cable release.
Polarising filter. ND Filters.
Lowepro Minitrekker backpack,
Domke f803 satchel - ebay copy.
Lowepro Toploader zoom II.
Focal camera bag x2

Markins M10 ball head
L-Plate for 5D
No name monopod from ebay
Benro travel tripod. (Gitzo copy)

580EX, 430EX x2
ST-E2 - flash controller
Nikon SB26
Demb diffuser
Umbrella and stand.
5 in 1 circular reflectors - 12" and 42".
Lumiquest softbox III
Long ETTL cord.

Canon EOS 10D DSLR.
- was a groundbreaking camera when I bought it in 2003. Got me shooting again.
- still takes a nice image but there are much better cameras around now.
Ricoh GX100 - P&S with great handling and image quality.
Pentax Espio 738 - point and shoot - my first camera.
Canon EOS 50 - My trusty travel companion.
EF 28-105/3.5-4.5 - great intermediate quality zoom.
Manfrotto pan and tilt tripod head. Manfrotto levelling base.
Canon EF 200/2.8L USM - Just not using that focal length much.
Canon EF 75-300/4.0-5.6 USM - budget zoom but surprisingly sharp.
Sigma 105/2.8 EX HSM Macro - awesome lens! But the 150 is better.
Canon 28/1.8 - Sold to a Perth photographer. Excellent low light lens. Replaced with 35L
Sigma 15mm Fisheye - Great fun lens - rarely used.
Tamron 14/2.8 - superwide - too wide for me on full frame
Sigma 20/1.8 EX - not that sharp wide open. great landscape lens.
Tamron 17-35/2.8-4
Hartblei 45mm Super Rotator - Pentax P645 mount with Zork shift adapter - amazing but funds better spent elsewhere.
420EX - upgraded to 430EX for manual function.
Kingpano - panorama head. RRS is better.
Tamron 28-75/2.8 - didn't really like this one
Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro lens - I regret selling this one.
Manfrotto 190 tripod with pan tilt head.
Olympus 21/3.5 - 24/2.8 - wide primes for landscape. Used extensively in Europe 2007. sold.
- repurchased a 21/3.5 and 24/2.8 - love the compact size.
Olympus 28/2.8 and 28/2
Kenko extension tubes.
Canon off camera shoe cord.
Canon 50/1.4 -
Canon 85/1.8 - also awesome. swapped it for 100/2.8 macro which can get in closer for headshots.
Cano 28-135IS - quite an underrated lens. Used it a lot in Europe. Good walkabout lens.
Canon 100/2.8 Macro. - does what it should. wonderful portrait lens.
Canon 16-35/2.8L
Olympus 35 Shift lens with adapter - not doing as many landscapes these days so sold.
Gitzo G2220 - very versatile tripod. not used much so sold
RRS Panning Clamp with dovetail and Multi purpose rail 192 (with distance scale and level). - also sold as not doing many panos.
Wimberley macro flash arm.
Pentax K1000 kit
Olympus OM10
Olympus 24 f2.0
Olympus 50/1.8
Vosonic Xs Drive II - 40GB portable card reader hard drive.
Nova 1 shoulder bag.
Bronica sqb 6x6 medium format kit with 3 lenses..
Tamron 1.4x teleconverter.

Photo Books I Own and Recommend.
On being a photographer - Bill Jay and David Hurn. Lenswork.
Magnum Stories.
Sebastian Salgado - AFRICA.
Elliot Erwitt - Snaps.
Steve McCurry - Portraits
Letting Go of the Camera - Brooks Jensen. Lenswork.
Colour and Light in Nature - David Lynch. More of an optical physics textbook, but makes you look at the world in a different way.